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Quagga and SRX BGP communication

Since the gated daemon, IGP/EGP software has evolved tremendously. I had used zebra long time ago but now to better manage my lab network I wanted to use quagga BGP and OSPF daemons. Quagga is spectacular and
its syntax is almost the same like Cisco IOS. After having used JunOS for 2 years, it is a bit difficult to switch to cisco CLI. I want to write this post because of a problem I encountered during BGP communication between quagga and an SRX/JunOS device as I am not that familiar with quagga.

I configured quagga BGP like below

and configured SRX like this;

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Why is BGP route not advertised?

There may be several reasons why a BGP route isn’t advertised to its eBGP neighbor in JUNOS. I was doing some tests and noticed that one of my routes isn’t advertised to its neighbor.

Show route indicates that route is also learned via OSPF as well due to my crap topology at the moment:) and doesn’t choose it as BGP best route.

inactive-path option also clearly indicates a problem with the preference.

If a route isn’t advertised, it is good to check with the detail option!