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One of the topics that I haven’t written about so far was VPLS but I had already written some posts which lay the foundation for this VPLS setup. On this post, I will try to explain how VPLS is configured and verified on Junos particulary on packet mode Juniper SRX.  I believe it will be useful for those who don’t know anything about VPLS too. The way I explain VPLS here is how I have experienced it so far. Let’s get started by simplifying some stuff;

VPLS (Virtual Private Lan Service) is a L2VPN technology by which you can turn an ISP cloud consisting of numerous routers connecting different locations into an Ethernet Switch i.e it is a switch in the global network. Not yet clear? Let explain it by a simple example;


Above is a simplified view of two devices’ communication through an ISP network and both of these devices are in the same subnet and WebServer has a L2 connection towards the DatabaseServer e.g you can ping your database server from Webserver device and MAC address of Database Server will be in the ARP cache of Webserver device after a succesful ARP Request/Reply. This was the simplified view.

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