Chassis cluster file operations

There are a couple of handy commands which you can use if you have a JSRP cluster.

For example following two commands can be used for copying a file or directory e.g from node0 to node1 :

If you want to copy directory you should also include “-r” option in rcp.

The other command which is also good to know is ;

This switches you from node0 to node1 in the terminal.

4 thoughts on “Chassis cluster file operations

  1. Abhishek rao

    Via “request routing-engine login node 1” is it possible to get access of node1 in active-passive scenario ? what are the other options & configuration respectively ?

    1. rtoodtoo Post author

      Abhishek, this command isn’t dependent on the type of cluster setup. You should be able to login.

  2. Abhishek

    actually i tried, but after “request routing-engine login ?” command only options i can see are reth.0 & reth1 not any node 0 option. Is there any pending config. in forming chassis cluster? Because after “show chassis cluster status/statistics” i can see both node 0 & node1.

    I also heard about backup-router option, is it possible to access node 1 in cluster by this way? if yes, please give me config to do on node 0 as it is a only node accessible to me.

  3. Abhishek

    sorry, above wrongly i put node 0 in place of node 1, i meant only option i can see are reth0 & reth1 not any node1 option.


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