SRX AX411 Access Point Configuration

On SRX CLI, you can also manage AX411 Wireless Access Point. Configuration isn’t very difficult but if you don’t have prior experience it may look like a bit cumbersome. Below I will try to show how you can configure one of these access points if you ave just got one of these devices. This post only covers Layer 2 mode setup. First of all I assume you have a branch SRX which has POE capabilities. I think the smallest one is SRX210 for this task. In my lab, I am connecting AX411 device to ge-0/0/1 interface of my SRX220 device.


First I make sure only this interface is POE enabled i.e disabling others

We can see that only ge-0/0/1 is providing power after this config.

Configure ge-0/0/1 (AX411 facing interface) with ethernet switching and assign the vlan15
You should create this vlan under [vlans] and assigned l3-interface to vlan.15 for this task

Enable DHCP since AX411 AP will receive its IP from SRX along with the clients

Configure security zones and make sure at least DHCP and ICMP are allowed on AX411 facing zone

Now without going further, plug in your AX411 AP and wait till status led lights steadily green. Ok good but which one of those 4 LEDs is the status. I took a photo for you and labeled them. If I am not mistaken these are the leds’ meanings.

Note: Only radio1 will turn to blue when it is on and broadcasting.

If you have powered up the AP and haven’t created a configuration yet this is what you will get similarly. Bold written text ap28c0dad4b505 under Access-Point column is actually MAC address of your AP.

Now lets configure one of the radios and create one virtual access point.

Now we are broadcasting our SSID AX411_juniper

If you check the access point once again, you will see that your configured access point name AX411 is assigned to the device

In order to provide connectivity for your clients make sure you have security policy from trust to untrust zone is created and NAT is also in place.

Now when I turned on my wireless interface on my tablet, I see that I am connected to AX411_juniper:) Here we go!


Let’s see how we check this on SRX.

This MAC belongs to our client.

and also we can get more details on DHCP bindings

Now from client tablet, I initiate a connection towards webserver and we can see that session is created from vlan.15 interface towards ge-0/0/0.0 WAN interface

7 thoughts on “SRX AX411 Access Point Configuration

  1. noaman

    Good Post.
    Are you enabling both Radios? What I have noticed, if you have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios turned on, 2.4Ghz dies after few hours. Very annoying. Apparently only one works at a given time.

    1. rtoodtoo Post author

      Actually I haven’t enabled both as far as I remember. I will check once I get round to it though.

  2. Shane

    I noticed the AX411 is end-of-life. Are there any APs that will be taking its place that will be manageable by the SRX?

      1. Noaman Khan

        There is no AP that will replace AX411. What I hear is new branch SRX’s with builtin AP ( similar to what other vendors have) . New Branch will have faster chipset, more memory and much more.


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