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This post is the 4th post of my MPLS series. You can find the first three here: #1, #2 , #3
In an MPLS network, PE routers keep the site specific VPN routes inside VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding) tables and send the routes that they learned from CE routers to remote PE routers by using MP-BGP (Multiprotocol BGP). LSPs we have configured so far will be used to send our L3VPN traffic.
One of the greatest things that VRF along with MP-BGP is that in your PE router you can keep the same network addresses in different sites and completely isolated from each other.


I will setup a BGP-L3VPN between CustC ( and CustA (

I can start configuring VRF tables on both sides. VRF is a simple routing instance in a junos box but its instance type is vrf. For simplicity I won’t configure BGP between CE and PE routers but you can also do that.

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