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Meanings of Access,Modify and Change in stat command

I keep forgetting the “subtle” differences between access,modify and change attributes of an inode. I will try to take some note here for you and me. My file test.txt has got the text “abc” in it which is 3 bytes + 1 new line = 4 bytes and I pasted inode information below via stat command.

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Hard link and soft link?

I would like to give some examples to describe practical meaning of hard links,soft links and cache in memory in a linux system. I will start creating two ramdisk partitions:

Now lets look at the free memory usage of my PC;

According to this output, my cache data is 658MB. As you might know, cached amount isn’t actually used by processes actively but kernel keeps them in memory as they might be referenced. Instead of keeping them in the secondary storage (e.g hard disk), as long as memory is available, kernel caches them in the memory. Now we will increase this number sharply.

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