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Passed JNCIE-SEC !

After a bit of struggle, finally I have passed JNCIE-SEC exam. It was a bit long journey for me. I studied every topic in detail, read thousands of pages and did hundreds of labs. If I should do a self-criticism; when I look back now, I can tell you that I over complicated the things
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JNCIE-SEC exam update

If you haven’t seen so far and are preparing for JNCIE-SEC exam, you shouldn’t miss this news. Beginning February 24, new exam will also include AppSecure topic. Check this link out :

JNCIE-SEC: IPSEC VPN between SRX and Cisco

In JNCIE-SEC exam, one of the IPSEC topics is “Interoperability with 3rd party devices”. In one of my previous post I had already written about this but this time, I will do policy based VPN on SRX side. IPsec VPNs Implementation of IPsec VPNs Multipoint tunnels Policy and route-based VPNs Traceoptions Dual and backup tunnels
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Below is the list of topics for IPSEC and NAT that you may see in JNCIE-SEC exam according to exam page. I will not only talk about exam topics but also in general about protocols and my troubleshooting tests. I would like to start JNCIE-SEC with IPSEC as I have lack of knowledge in this
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JNCIE-SEC preparation

I have taken the first step and scheduled my JNCIE-SEC exam for November. I think I have sufficient time to finish my studies. I will also try to share my case studies as much as I can, since case study is the best way for me to learn any topic. Recommendation for these type of
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It is needless to say that I am very much interested in JUNOS. Recently I have taken JNCIS-SEC exam though ┬áit was a bit more difficult than I expected. Now I want to run for JNCIP-SEC and JNCIS-SP. I don’t know which one will be the first but I feel hungry for both routing and
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