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NSM Cluster operations & Tuning

I would like to share some of my experience about NSM High Availability service management and tuning of NSM server.  I have gathered a list of items;   1)      Interpretation of HA status command 2)      Relocating NSM services 3)      Troubleshoot NSM DB backup process and syncronization of non-db files 4)      Synchronization of NSM db manually
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How to uninstall NSM

If you would like to remove NSM(Network & Security Manager) related software packages and disk files to do a fresh install, the following command does this; rpm -qa | grep netscreen | xargs rpm -e ; rm -rf /usr/netscreen/* /var/netscreen/* It removes rpm packages containing “netscreen” and then deletes everything under default installation directories /usr/netscreen/
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idpd busy in commit. Please try again later.

When I was trying to update my SRX cluster via NSM, I received an error message “idpd busy in commit. Please try again later.” and I found the KB article for this issue according to which “commit confirmed” should be disabled under Preferences->Device Update->Netconf Good to learn!  

Device Alarms in NSM

While using NSM, I have noticed that I have an alarm for one device but I couldn’t see what the alarm is really about. Right click on the alarm was only bringing the normal device menu but nothing else. Then I found that I have to follow Investigate->Realtime Monitor->Device Monitor path to see the alarm
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Adding SRX cluster as virtual chassis into NSM

There are two options that you can use to add an SRX cluster into NSM: You will add each nodes separately by using their fxp0 interface IP addresses You will configure virtual chassis and add the entire cluster as a single node As the topic of this post is virtual chassis, set the following configuration
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