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Aruba FIPS mode IAP VC issue

Today I have got a strange issue which I had never experienced with Aruba APs. Normally when you boot up an Aruba AP into an existing IAP cluster, it just joins the cluster but this time it didn’t. I have got the following error when I look into the system logs FIPS Warning: Failed to
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When is the right time to move…

Mostly I write about technical stuff but this can be one of the exceptions. After working couple of years with certain technology, it becomes difficult to maintain the same level of passion. I am not even sure if the passion is the right word to describe this but you are looking for some sort of
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Stand still

I have noticed that I haven’t written anything so far for a long time. Indeed I was struggling to get my internet connection and it took soooo long. I would like to write something about EX switches in a couple of weeks/days but I still couldn’t get round to it. I will set up a
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