Category: system management

SSH client preference

There are various SSH clients for Windows platforms and up until couple of months ago I was thinking that the best SSH client for me was SecureCRT but I discovered another one called Mobaxterm. This product really took my attention, primary reason of which is the richness of the feature set. Fist look at what
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loading junos configuration is very easy

I love the way junos manages configuration file. ┬áHere is my favorite command “load” and some examples about it. [edit interfaces ge-4/0/0] root@router#load update terminal relative [Type ^D at a new line to end input] If you are at a relative location such as an interface configuration as above, any thing you paste will override
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monitoring files in JUNOS

If you want to monitor a growing log file in JUNOS, there is a builtin command for this purpose. For example, if you want to monitor the log file /var/log/messages just run; user@host> monitor start /var/log/messages and any change in this file will be displayed on your screen. To stop monitoring simply run; user@host> monitor
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