Author: rtoodtoo

Worked for more than 10 years as a Network/Support Engineer and also interested in Python, Linux, Security and SD-WAN // JNCIE-SEC #223 / RHCE / PCNSE

Cisco Viptela vEdge LAB High CPU

I am currently deploying a Viptela vEdge 17.2.x series in my ESX lab however as soon as I fired up multiple vEdges I noticed CPU utilisation went through the roof. Server couldn’t handle 4-5 instances as each consumes around 8GHz. This was very familiar to me from virtual SRX experience due to continuous polling and
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Layer 2 loop troubleshoothing

Check that stupid interface statistics first if things are god damn wrong One network guy says I thought it is better to write the summary of the ports first. I have had multiple layer 2 loops in my career and they were mostly disastrous. I think there is nothing more scary than a layer 2
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PXE for network engineers

As a network engineer, you might receive a request from your colleagues probably Desktop team to configure network devices for PXE server. If you don’t know what PXE, how it works and configured, I will try to answer those questions on this post. Mostly I will focus on Windows imaging which I mostly configured devices
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Juniper SNMPv2 on routing instance

When I need to configure SNMPv2 on a Juniper device and routing instance is involved, I always forget to enable some knobs. Here is a quick one which allowed me to query an EX switch through its VR (in my example VR name is ISP1). You can also specify your specific VR name under “routing-instance-access”
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List trunk ports on Juniper Switch

Have you ever wanted to list the trunk ports on a Juniper EX switch? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to exist a single dedicated command for this purpose. In the past I used to use the following command: > show ethernet-switching interfaces detail | match Trunk but this is not working on new releases. Juniper keeps
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SRX240 and SRX340 failure rates

Recently I upgraded dozens of SRX240H2 and SRX340 series Juniper firewalls and around %10 of SRX240H2 boxes either crashed during upgrade or after upgrade and none on 340 series. Although 340 is a newer platform, I would like to be positive and believe the fact that Juniper has improved both hardware and software quality. What
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