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Firefly 12.1X47 features

As you might know, Junos 12.1X47-D10.4 for Firefly has been released recently. What makes this release unique is that it supports some features that we looked forward to, for example;

  • IDP
  • UTM
  • Transparent Mode
  • ESX 5.5 support

and it is also worth mentioning that subscription services don’t require license during 60-day evaluation period as mentioned in release notes. I reckon it will be a good tool for certification studies for everyone!

Firefly Perimeter Installation on KVM

In this post, you will find a quick introduction on how you can install Firefly perimeter on KVM. I always liked CLI way of doing things and KVM is pretty nice on this.Let’s install firefly

Deploy firefly image

With one line you can install the image. Below is what these options mean.

After accepting the long license agreement you will have an output like below;

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Firefly Perimeter Cluster (VSRX) Setup on Vmware ESX

As you might know Firefly Perimeter aka VSRX which is the virtual firewall running on Vmware ESX and KVM can be downloaded as evaluation at here I believe it is great to test most functionality for example an SRX cluster (High Availability) which is the topic of this post. Here I will show

  • How you can install two firefly instances and operate them in a cluster.
  • How you can setup redundancy groups

Installation of Firefly instances
First download your evaluation copy. You must have a Juniper Networks account to download one. At the time of this writing, current version is 12.1X46-D10.2. Once you downloaded the OVA file to your disk, deploy it into your ESX server via File->Deploy OVF Template.

2014-02-16 14_37_09-Deploy OVF Template Give name e.g firefly00 for the first instance. Continue and you can choose whatever suggested in the wizard. Now you should have two firefly instances ready to be configured as below:

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