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Linux Namespace – Routing Instance

In Linux, in the past I was using iproute2 and multiple routing tables to do some more advance stuff but when I became aware of Namespace, things really changed for me. Namespaces in Linux seem to be similar to logical systems in Junos. It seems to be a bit more than a routing instance in my opinion. I believe this much of introduction is sufficient. Now I would like to show several commands by which we can create a new routing instance inside a Linux box. To this new routing instance we will also assign a VLAN interface.

I have a linux box named vHost2. It has 2 physical ethernet interfaces as you can see. (Actually more but I am hiding some to make the output more brief) eth1 is connected to a trunk port on the switch side so that I can create vlan interfaces on this physical interface.

First create the vlan interface.

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