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MPLS/RSVP configuration & troubleshooting #1

I would like to show how I configured my MPLS cloud with RSVP signaling in this post. This is the first post of my RSVP,MPLS/VPNs series. I will use the topology below throughout my posts. In a real world MPLS core, things may be different but this is just a lab.


I have a provider MPLS core (AS8500) and several customers A,B,C,D
with different AS numbers. Addressing is as it is depicted in the picture.

RSVP as the label distribution protocol dynamically establishes Label Switching Paths (LSP) and it is fundamental to MPLS which uses this information to create its forwarding tables. Here  I use OSPF to discover the paths, which means your network must already have a working OSPF for RSVP to function properly.

Below are the steps I have taken to configure this label distribution protocol plus MPLS on top of it. I am also sharing the problems I have experienced on the way. I still lack tons of things on these protocols and the more I learn the more I see how it is immense and not easy to digest.
We have to start somewhere, let’s begin with RSVP.

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