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Dynamic VPN in SRX

Here is my simple dynamic vpn configuration.  I have tested it and it works:) However I could only use windows clients in my setup although I tried so hard to get a working linux client, debugging didn’t provide me any useful information. Here is the config: 1) First configure profile config which contains users and
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IPSEC VPN between SRX and Linux

After a little struggle, I have managed to establish an IPSEC VPN tunnel between an SRX box and a Linux machine. In case someone else needs below is my configuration. SRX 650, JunOS 10.4R5.5 IKE CONFIG [edit security] root@host# show ike traceoptions { file ike.log; flag all; } proposal pro-basic { authentication-method pre-shared-keys; dh-group group2;
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ipsec configuration on srx

Below is a site-to-site configuration between two SRX boxes (240 and 210) HOST1 root@host1# show security ike {     proposal prop-basic {         authentication-method pre-shared-keys;         dh-group group2;         encryption-algorithm 3des-cbc;         lifetime-seconds 3600;     }