Firefly Perimeter Installation on KVM

In this post, you will find a quick introduction on how you can install Firefly perimeter on KVM. I always liked CLI way of doing things and KVM is pretty nice on this.Let’s install firefly

Deploy firefly image

With one line you can install the image. Below is what these options mean.

After accepting the long license agreement you will have an output like below;

As you can see in the output our storage path for virtimages pool is /mnt/volume01.

and we can see that firefly image file is stored in there. Let’s start the firewall:

Start Firefly

If VM doesn’t start and you receive this error like I got, edit the firefly instance

and remove the following lines from the XML file and save it.

try once again

and final touch by logging into console

The rest is the same like any SRX setup. Enjoy fireflying!

3 thoughts on “Firefly Perimeter Installation on KVM

  1. Deepika

    Hi, I am facing the below error when i execute the CLI Command to deploy firefly image
    error: Failed to define domain from FF2.xml
    error: Cannot check QEMU binary /usr/libexec/qemu-kvm: No such file or directory

    1. rtoodtoo Post author

      Your KVM installation doesn’t seem to be complete Deepika. Better to check it first.


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