How to take packet capture in SRX

I wasn’t planning to put my notes about packet capture here today but I have got an issue with my ESX server file upload component. I kept receiving “I/O Error” during a file upload to datastore directly or big (e.g 1-2 GB) ova file deployments. I took several captures with no positive result in the end. I was thinking that it is the problem of ESX server but when I connected my vsphere client directly to the SRX box, I saw that neither SRX nor ESX server is the culprit. Some device in between my client and server behaving abnormally which I couldn’t figure out yet. I will keep troubleshooting:) Now I would like to put my notes here to easily find them again how we can take packet capture in a branch SRX device.

1) First set the capture file and maximum packet size. (It is better to set 1500 not to miss any part of a packet)

2) Apply the capture on the interface you would like to collect traffic in both direction

Once you commit you will see that capture files will be collected under /var/tmp/ folder:

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