How to uninstall IDP module in SRX

I would like to share my experiment on uninstalling of IDP module on an SRX100 device. Please take this as a test case and use it at your own discretion as I just test a manual removal of files and re-installed IDP module.

1) First disable IDP process

2) Delete everything related to idp in the configuration

3) And commit the changes

4) Below are the list of files related to IDP

5) I have removed all of these files along with sec-download and nsm-download content.

6) Reboot the box. If you dont´t reboot the box, you will still have something related to old IDP policy.

After all of these I re-installed IDP as described in my other post and I have got it working.
I have received a temporary error during my installation attempt like below;
opening file(/var/db/idpd/sec-download/sub-download/SignatureUpdate.xml) failed;No such file or directory
But after a few attempts it resolved:) maybe I had done a mistake.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “How to uninstall IDP module in SRX

  1. szym

    you can try to run commands below to fix your problem in 6):
    “request security idp security-package download policy-templates”


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