loading junos configuration is very easy

I love the way junos manages configuration file.  Here is my favorite command “load” and some examples about it.

If you are at a relative location such as an interface configuration as above, any thing you paste will override the configuration for that particular relative location. The key word here is relative in the command. If you don’t use it, you will get errors. If you replace the option “update” by “merge” then instead of overriding, you will merge the changes in your pasted config with the current candidate configuration in place.

Another handy option is patch, it might be a real time saver if you are configuring several routers with similar commands/options, then take the configuration difference with the archived config;

then paste the config you get above into the other router (e.g router2)  that you want to configure the same way.

then the magic happens and the same changes are replicated into the other router

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