SRX reset button for factory/rescue configuration

I will briefly write about Branch SRX alarm led and reset button in this post.

1) Alarm led

Today when I deleted my rescue configuration via;

> request system configuration rescue delete

command, then minutes later I noticed that alarm led on the front panel turned to amber.
First I couldn’t guess that alarm is raised because of rescue config. Then I checked chassis and
system alarms

It seems alarm can also be raised with Minor category for a non-existing rescue configuration.
Once the rescue config is set;

>request system configuration rescue save

Alarm is cleared. Good to learn this feature.

2) Reset button

What I used to know was that reset button returns the config to factory default config now I know that it can also return to rescue config.
If you have rescue config saved and press the reset button and then release it immediately ;

SRX commits the rescue configuration which is really a handy feature.

If you press the button more than 15 seconds, then you return to the factory default configuration.

Good thing is that you can also change this behavior via the configuration mode command;

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