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How to add an SRX cluster to Security Director

The method that I follow currently when adding an SRX cluster to Junos Space/Security Director is as follows;

1) Discover the devices under Platform->Devices->Device Discovery->Discover Targets
by using fxp0 (or management IP addresses) of each device.

Once the devices are added we will have them under device management;


2) Once you go to Security Director->Security Director Devices
You will see that cluster nodes are detected as a single entry (cluster) there.


After this point everything is the same like a normal device import/update for which you can check my other SD post here

Junos Space Security Director

If you have confusion about Security Director and Junos Space, here is a simple description of these two;

Security Director (previously known as Security Design) is the application that manages Juniper SRX firewalls. You can think of this as a module which is only responsible for security platforms of Juniper. It is a subset of legacy NSM application as it doesn’t manage e.g EX, MX devices etc.

Junos Space is the platform which hosts all other applications i.e Security Director (SD), Service Now etc.  The hosting application is called Network Application Platform.

In this post, I would like to show briefly how you can add an SRX device into Security Director. Let’s begin;

When you login to Junos Space, the application that welcomes you is the Network Application Platform. All user management, device communication, monitoring jobs are handled by this application. For any application to access a device, target device must be imported to the platform first.

Importing a device to the platform



I am doing my tests on 12.3P2.8 release of Space release so your screen may be different than mine. First of all add the device by using the Platform->Devices->Device Discovery->Discovery Targets

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