How to add an SRX cluster to Security Director

The method that I follow currently when adding an SRX cluster to Junos Space/Security Director is as follows;

1) Discover the devices under Platform->Devices->Device Discovery->Discover Targets
by using fxp0 (or management IP addresses) of each device.

Once the devices are added we will have them under device management;


2) Once you go to Security Director->Security Director Devices
You will see that cluster nodes are detected as a single entry (cluster) there.


After this point everything is the same like a normal device import/update for which you can check my other SD post here

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One thought on “How to add an SRX cluster to Security Director”

  1. I’ve followed your steps and yet find it as two single devices on the security directory platform. I can see the existence of a virtual chassis and schema mismatch. Could this be a reason?

    Please do advice. Great blog post not much out there on security devices!

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