Trunk between Cisco,EX switch and SRX


Today I needed to test communication between a Cisco switch and EX switch to carry traffic via a trunk port from a PC to
the final destination SRX device. I thought it is worth putting my config here for future reference as I am not working with cisco/ex switches much.
Above is my exact topology and I carry traffic from a PC in Vlan 200 to the port fe-0/0/7 in SRX which is in vlan 200 as well. Here is the config from Cisco switch till to SRX.

In an nutshell, we set the port fa0/1 to access mode assign vlan 200 and set port fa0/24 to trunk . Then we create the vlan 200 and set the vtp mode to transparent

In EX side, we set ge-0/0/10 and ge-0/0/11 ports to trunk. I have only set vlan200 on ge-0/0/10 port as I have no other vlan there.

SRX side is also similar to EX. I set the EX facing interface fe-0/0/7 to trunk to accept any vlan traffic and vlan.200 interface to
Once I ping from the PC having address

You can see how it works!

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