Advertising a non-existent route to BGP in PAN

Normally if you want to advertise a route to your BGP neighbor, the route you want to announce must be available in your routing table but in Palo Alto Networks there is a nice trick which is quite handy. Where can it be really handy? For example you have a subnet which you only use in your NAT pool which doesn’t really need any next hop. In this case this config plays a nice role.

For example you want to announce your route add this under the menu as screenshot and make sure your “Export” rules don’t really block this subnet being advertised otherwise you won’t see it in your RIB-OUT.

With the help of this handy config, your peer router will receive your nat-pool subnet although you haven’t really added this in your routing table (PAN does this dummy route automatically as far as I can see)

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  1. Palo has by far the worst implementation of redistribution of a null0 route. That routing static is pathetic.

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