Aruba FIPS mode IAP VC issue

Today I have got a strange issue which I had never experienced with Aruba APs. Normally when you boot up an Aruba AP into an existing IAP cluster, it just joins the cluster but this time it didn’t. I have got the following error when I look into the system logs

FIPS Warning: Failed to set wlan profile with ServerProfile, it is not supported in FIPS mode

I said what the heck. I didn’t enable this and APs were never shipped with this setting on. I found the following to check the fips mode.

api-6# show fips mode

FIPS Mode :enabled

Normally when it is connected to Aruba Central it doesn’t allow you to make any change but this particular setting can be changed even if AC connection is in place.

api-6# fips-mode off
All APs will be reset to factory default after changing FIPS mode.
Please backup the configuration before continuing.
Do you want to continue (y/n): y

Once I disabled fips-mode as above, AP joined the cluster!

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