It is needless to say that I am very much interested in JUNOS. Recently I have taken JNCIS-SEC exam though  it was a bit more difficult than I expected.
Now I want to run for JNCIP-SEC and JNCIS-SP. I don’t know which one will be the first but I feel hungry for both routing and security:)  I hope my notes may help someone else out there who are dealing with junos…

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Worked for more than 10 years as a Network/Support Engineer and also interested in Python, Linux, Security and SD-WAN // JNCIE-SEC #223 / RHCE / PCNSE

13 thoughts on “JNCIS-SEC exam”

  1. Hi.
    Can you post any guidness for jn0-332 exam preparation- i.e books, links, maybe video?
    All juniper link related just to jno-332?

  2. Thanks.
    Then only materials I can find, is cources with range $3000-$5000……
    Can you please post links for manuals? NAT,UTM,IPSEC etc?

  3. Thanks.
    That what i was looking for…
    Please share any other materials related to security, as you might come accross.

    I went couple month back for JNO-332 and fail slightly below…..assumtion that I can pass, was wrong, have to study more.
    I recieved email notificaton about post update today, June 16, 2011…..when yours reply was posted
    June 13, 2011 at 8:38 pm………
    Not sure what would be wrong, just want to point out.

  4. hi there, Wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work on your notes, as I’ve used it for quick revision note to pass my JNCIS-Sec paper. Any plans to continue this for JNCIP-sec ?

  5. Hi,
    I will continue for JNCIP-SEC indeed. Possibly in a few weeks or so. I would appreciate everyone’s contribution as I am learning as well.

  6. I wnated to know whether the study material on the fast track would be enough or do we have to study from tech documentation?
    I have a 3-day training for the same, witll the training, notes from fast track and utm and vpn from tech documentaion be good enough?

  7. Hi Rohan,
    My personal opinion is that official training mostly cover the topics and details what you see in the exam. I can say this from my experience I have had with several certification exams. If you are going to have the training, that is cool! As UTM is an important part of this exam as it can be seen from the exam topics listed officially. I don’t see any reason for you to fail, if you follow the training well, fast track material, UTM and IPSEC.

    I wish you a good luck!

    1. I had a question about the JNCIS-SEC exam.

      What device would I need to practice on? I already have my JNCIA. I’d like to install a SRX110/220 or 300 Series.

      However, since I am on a budget, I need to just get only what will allow me to learn what I need for the exam. I am not sure if SkyATP is needed for this exam, but if so it is my understanding i would have to at least get a SRX340.

      Your thoughts thanks,

  8. I am thinking on just purchasing this SRX300 on Amazon for $268. I don’t think I will need to purchase any licenses right since I am only going to use this at home, and for learning purposes. If I decide later to get licenses, I should be able to get with Juniper or just purchase the license via CDW? It appears this one is not a licensed Juniper reseller.

    Does SkyATP fall under applications function whereas i would need to buy only the applications license?


    1 YR Support:

    Secure Branch License:

    1. John,
      the thing is it has been sometime since when I took the exam and there was no skyATP etc at that time but I believe any feature requires a license for
      you to use. Instead of getting a hardware maybe you can try a VM which might give you the same functionality.


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