SSH client preference

There are various SSH clients for Windows platforms and up until couple of months ago I was thinking that the best SSH client for me was SecureCRT but I discovered another one called Mobaxterm. This product really took my attention, primary reason of which is the richness of the feature set. Fist look at what protocols it supports;

In my daily job,  I no longer have to use Filezilla and Rdesktop as it supports RDP and SFTP, The beauty of this is that each connection stays in its own tab so you only use one window for all connections.

The other feature is really amazing; tools menu.

Sometimes I need to see the available hosts or ports and look at this! it has already network and port scanner. These are the ones I mostly use.

And the last one I want to talk about; SSH tunneling.

This is the easiest SSH tunneling I have seen so far. In other clients, I was making mistakes of putting port or IP on wrong fields. This graphical representation of the connections made it really clear for me.

Thanks to Mobaxterm team who built this software at a less expensive price compared to its alternatives.

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