Cisco Viptela vEdge LAB High CPU

I am currently deploying a Viptela vEdge 17.2.x series in my ESX lab however as soon as I fired up multiple vEdges I noticed CPU utilisation went through the roof. Server couldn’t handle 4-5 instances as each consumes around 8GHz. This was very familiar to me from virtual SRX experience due to continuous polling and fortunately Viptela has also a work-around. As soon as I set the following command CPU has reduced to ~200MHz. I also reduced vCPU count to #2, we will see if this will have any side effect though.

I am not exactly sure on which version this command was introduced because I can’t find it on 16.3.x release but it is available on 17.2.x

vedge10(config)# system eco-friendly-mode
vedge10(config)# commit

After this, command probably you need to power cycle the VM and give it some time as the effect of the change isn’t so quick, then enjoy the new instances 🙂


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