Migrating from rtoodtoo.net to rtodto.net

I have recently changed the domain name of this blog from rtoodtoo.net to rtodto.net. My intention was to buy r2d2.net in the first place but very smart people bought it long time ago before me:) I couldn’t even find the r2d2.nl available. Now I think there isn’t much make sense to have such a long name on this blog. I have also set the web server side redirection. If you see any broken link or redirection loop etc, please do let me know.

About: rtoodtoo

Genco has worked for more than 10 years as a Network/Support Engineer. He is also interested in Python, Linux, Security and SD-WAN, currently lives in the Netherlands and works as a Network Support Engineer at Tesla Inc. // JNCIE-SEC #223 / RHCE / PCNSE

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