ScreenOS fetching defaults

Although I am not that familiar with ScreenOS, it is worth of mentioning this hidden command I have found. It is a handy command fetching system defaults such as max number of addresses etc.
host-> get sys-cfg
acl rule mem size number: 16384
ADSL Sub-if limit number: 0
alarm glog number: 128
def apppry scheduler queues number: 1
arp-size number: 1024
AntiSpam Black/White List Size number: 500
AntiSpam SBL Request Queue Size number: 1000
Asic based forwarding supported number: 0
b_list number: 1024
max bgp ext change number: 50
max bgp int change number: 50
bgp max receive packet buffer size number: 8192
bgp minimum netbufs expected before Tx number: 1
max bgp purge rib max number: 50
max routes redistributed into bgp at a time. if there are more they are handled in next iteration number: 55
bgp Tx queue high water mark number: 40000
bgp Tx queue low water mark number: 20000
max bgp fdb change update number: 50
5xt combined mode number: 0
config glog number: 32
default period of timeout in cryptlib number: 200
default h323 call num number: 32

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