Which Junos release to upgrade?

Upgrades are unavoidable I believe but we can ask ourselves the following upgrade related questions;

  • when should we upgrade?
  • why should we upgrade?
  • to which release we should upgrade?
  • I can just share my experience about these questions. As I have said, upgrades are unavoidable. If it isn’t due to a feature related bug, it can be due to security fixes which are involved in future releases. If you are running a firewall, 3-4 years of uptime makes sense? Not sure about this. If you really want to keep your version as long as possible, one thing I can say is that check the EOL link and try to upgrade your firewall before it reaches End of Engineering. This is an important date!

    The other important question is to which release we should upgrade? My personal advice is that If you don’t have any special reason e.g you might have got advice from JTAC for a particular problem or you need a particular feature on a new release, read the JTAC recommended software versions KB and find your recommended release for your platform and upgrade to that release.

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