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Palo Alto Networks Amsterdam glassdoor rating

I wonder if people look at the rating of a company at before making their decision? Please share your view if you can, I really wonder. I checked the rating of my former employer PAN in Amsterdam and the current rating is 2.1 when the global rating is 3.7
What are your criteria before jumping onto another company/position? or if you are a manager what do you do to keep your staff?

When is the right time to move…

Mostly I write about technical stuff but this can be one of the exceptions. After working couple of years with certain technology, it becomes difficult to maintain the same level of passion. I am not even sure if the passion is the right word to describe this but you are looking for some sort of change; different position, different technology etc which can keep you again motivated but at the same time it is also difficult to leave the comfort zone you have gained after some years. I believe this happens to most of us, doesn’t it? What do you do in this case?
For me I believe time is coming to move. Maybe even stop writing about SRX and focusing on protocol analysis in a few months but I need a change, still don’t know how it will come though.
This post will serve as a marker to see how long it will take to find myself in a different habitat, let’s see…


Stand still

I have noticed that I haven’t written anything so far for a long time. Indeed I was struggling to get my internet connection and it took soooo long. I would like to write something about EX switches in a couple of weeks/days but I still couldn’t get round to it. I will set up a lab and try a few things that was bothering my mind for some time. In the mean time I also got hold of a Cisco switch and a router. I hope this will improve the diversity in my tests:) If I can find a Palo Alto Networks box at a reasonable price later, it is also among my plans to have this third vendor product in my lab. Till the next post, have a nice day!