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I wonder if people look at the rating of a company at before making their decision? Please share your view if you can, I really wonder. I checked the rating of my former employer PAN in Amsterdam and the current rating is 2.1 when the global rating is 3.7
What are your criteria before jumping onto another company/position? or if you are a manager what do you do to keep your staff?

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  1. I don’t pay much attention to glassdoor ratings. Some of the comments are sometimes useful, but even then you need to take them with a pinch of salt because some may not be real.

    I think the only time people leave a rating on glassdoor is then they’ve got something to complain about – so the ratings will generally be lower that they should be. Most people who are generally satisfied or fairly happy with their employer probably won’t leave a rating.

    Also, there’s no checks at glassdoor to ensure that a person leaving a rating or a comment was actually employed at the company – this kind of system could be open to abuse from competitors.

    1. That is a fair point Kerry. In my experience when I look back and check the ratings of companies I worked for, they usually have the rating that I think they should have. I usually leave rating even though I am happy or not. Also if I want to change a job, I look at the glassdoor rating. Some companies stand out very negative due to micro-management practices, internal politics etc.
      it is not the sole reason for choosing an employer but it sort of prepares people before they join I think.

  2. In my experience in leadership roles, I keep staff happy and the lines of communication must be open and clear. It is also important to not expect to be able to satisfy every different need that every different person has. Some people simply cannot be satisfied. Regarding Glassdoor; it is a very good practice to use Glassdoor and consider that most companies will battle negative reviews with paid marketing department staff.

  3. hey Joseph,
    yes not everyone can be satisfied. As you said line of communication is very important and also listen to critics without taking it personal. However what I have seen so far is that it is not an easy thing for those at management level, I mean constructive criticism.
    As for Glassdoor, it is true that some companies use Glassdoor to manipulate their rating too. When I read some reviews, they look so fake though. I think instead of manipulation, employers
    should take reviews seriously and try to improve situation instead paying companies to make anonymous survey for them.

    thanks for your feedback!

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