IP Monitoring

In this post, I will show an example of how you can monitor a certain gateway for a specific route and if the gateway isn’t responding to ICMP requests, you can fail over to another gateway device. ip_monitoring

Currently for we send our packets to GW2 ( What we would like to do is if this device can’t respond to ICMP requests, we will forward packets to the other gateway GW1 (

Configuration is pretty straight forward and self explanatory I believe.

We are monitoring GW2 ( with RPM probe and by using the ip-monitoring stanza, if this probe fails we are installing the route with another next-hop GW1. When everything is working as expected i.e GW2 is responding to requests, probe status is PASS as you can see.

If we simulate a fail scenario, here what happens;

Status turns to FAIL and as it can be seen in the routing table, route is installed with the new next hop.

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